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F 74 

.Y2 H39 
Copy 1 

No. 44. 


Cape Cod 



By James W. Hawes 


C. W. SWIFT, Publisher and Printer, 

The "Register" Press, 


F 74 
.Y2 H39 
Copy 1 

No. 44. 


Cape Cod 



By James W. Hawes 


C. W. SWIFT, Publisher and Prikter, 

The "Register" Press, 



By James W. Hawes. 

Copyright, 1914, 
By Charles W. Swift. 

William^ Hedge, b. in England; 
m. probably 1st and 

2d Blanche Hull, a widow. 
He was a freeman of Lynn 
May 14, 1634. He was prob- 
ably the soldier in the Pequot 
war of his surname, who was 
well mentioned, and was called a 
gentleman of Northhamptonshire. 
He removed to Sandwich and 
from there to Yarmouth. (b) He 
brought suit in Essex county in 
1637. (c) He was styled gentleman 
and Mr. in the records in 1638 and 
after. He took the oath of fidel- 
ity in Sandwich. (d) He is first 
mentioned in the Plymouth Colony 
records Nov. 5, 1638, when for the 
consideration of £12 sterling he as- 
signed to Gov. Thomas Prence the 
unexpired term of service of 
Robert Wicksen(e) due him under 
an indenture, (f) Dec. 4, 1638, he 
was fined for keeping a hog un- 
ringed.(g) April 16, 1640, he re- 
ceived 14 acres of meadow land 
in Sandwich, (h) 

May 3, 1642, Mr. Hedge of Yar- 
mouth won a suit for 14 bushels 
of corn from Walter Devell.(i) In 
August, 1643, he is among those 

between 16 and 60 in Y'armouth 
able to bear arms.(j) 

In 1643 he had a controversy 
with Richard Hore of Yarmouth 
about six acres of meadow which 
had formerly been given to the 
church. It was decided that the 
church was to hold the land and 
Hedge might sue him or them 
that sold him the same.(k) 

March 6, 1648-9, he was pre- 
sented by the grandjury for 
letting an Indian have a gun, 
powder and shot. His wife was 
presented for receiving stolen 
goods. (1) June 9, 1650, with Rob- 
ert Dennis he was on a bond for 
the appearance of John Besthope, 
and they were given till the 
next court to produce him.(m) In 
1650 he appears as constable of 
Yarmouth, (n) 

He had a controversy with Rob- 
ert Nash of Boston respecting 
cattle and sued him for £11. The 
jury March 6, 1649-50, awarded 
him £8 and the charges of the 
suit, and left him to sue concern- 
ing the yearlings and the rest of 
the cows included in the suit.(o) 
Oct. 2, 1650, he was one of the 
plaintiffs in a suit against William 
Nickerson.(p) Oct. 5. 1652, he was 
presented for selling wine and 
strong waters in Yarmouth with- 
out license, ((i) June 9, 1653, he 
was approved as ensign bearer of 
I he military company of Yar- 

Feb. 24, 1652-3, he was sworn 
as one of the jurors to lay out a 
way from Sandwich to Plymouth, 
and on the 27th he signed their 
report, (s) Aug. 7, 1655, he was 
ordered to exercise the military 
company, (t) In 1656 the estate of 
John Darby, deceased, was indebted 
to him.(tl) Oct. 2, 1658, he was 
appointed on the council of war.(u) 
Oct. 2, 1658, he was fined 10s. for 
threatening Edward Sturgis.(v) 
June 7, 1659, he was on the grand- 
jury, (w) Aug. 2, 1659, he was 
approved as captain of the mil- 
itary company of Yarmouth, (x) 
In October, 1659, as one of a jury 
of inquest he signed the verdict 
in the case of the death of Mary 
Chase of Yarmouth. (y) June 3, 
1662, he was again appointed cap- 
tain of the military company of 
Yarmouth, (z) 

In 1662, 1663 and 1664 Mr. Hedge 
brought into Yarmouth liquors, 
powder, shot and load, (a) June 
18. 1666. he was witness to a 
letter of William Nickerson to the 
Plymouth Court, (b) 

He died between Juno 30, 1670, 
date of his will, and July 5, 1670, 
the date when the order was given 
for his executor to apr>oar at 
Plymouth to prove his will and 
inventory. (c) They were proved 
Aug. 11, 1670, and letters testa- 
mentary were then granted to his 
executor Elisha Hedge, (d) The 
will mentions his sons Abraham, 
Elisha. William, John, and Elorn- 
uel, his daughters Sarah Mat- 
thews. Eliznboth Barnes, Mary 
Sturgis and Marcy (Mercy) Hedge, 
hi.s sister Brookes (to whom he 

gives £30 in Virginia due him 
from her deceased husband), and 
his wife Blanche, who had left 
him, to whom he gives 12d. and 
to whom he directs to be returned 
what he had received of hers. 
The will also says: "likewise it 
is my mind and Will that my 
sister Brookes shall have lively- 
hood amongst my Children soe 
Longe as she Continues a widdow." 
He appoints his son Elisha sole 
executor and makes "my beloved 
friends Mr. Thomas Thornton Mr. 
Edmond howes [should be Hawes] 
and Richard Taylor, tayler," over- 
seers, (e) The inventory of his 
estate amounted to £487 16s. (f) 
Children, (fi) 

Abraham, b. 

Elisha, b. about 1642; m. Mary 
;d. May 17, 1732, in his 92d 
year, leaving issue, (g) 

William, b. 

John, b. 

Elomuel (Lemuel), b. 

Sarah, b. ; m. Mat- 

thews (perhaps James^).(h) 

Elizabeth, b.(i) Yarmouth May 
21, 1647; m.(j) Jonathan Barnes in 
Plymouth Jan. 4, 1665-6. (k) 

Mary, b.(l) Yarmouth in 1648; 
ni. Sturgis. (m) 

Marcy (Mercy), b. . Lt. 

Howes of Y'armouth was appointed 
her guardian July 4, 1673. (n) She 
m. Elkanah Watson of Plymouth 
in 1676. (o) 

Will of Capt. William Hedge. 

Tlic Last Will and Testament of 
Captain William hedge of Yar- 
mouth in the jurisdiction of Ply- 
moulli in New England Late de- 


NOV 19 1914 

ceased exhibited to the Court or 
meeting of the Magestrates for 
that purpose held att the Town 
of Plymouth the eleventh day of 
August 1670 on the oathes of Capt. 
Matthew Fuller and John Davis 
as followeth. 

Witnesseth These presents That 
I William hedge senr., in Yar- 
mouth in the Collonie of New 
Plymouth being weake of body 
yett of perfect sense and memory 
doe ordaine this my Last Will and 
Testament as followeth. 

first I bequeath my soule to 
the Lord that gave it me and my 
body to a civil and comely Buriall 
and my estate as followeth. 

Item I give unto my beloved 
son Abraham hedge this my now 
dwelling house; with all the 
household stuffe in the Parlour, 
beding Curtaine Gurtaines bed- 
sLeed and all the moveables there- 
unto belonging in the same, and 
all my land that belongeth to my 
dwelling house and alsoe all my 
lands both upland and meddow 
that I have in the prime field. 

Item I doe give unto my be- 
loved son Elisha hedge my necke 
of Land and meddow belonging 
thereunto provided that liee pay 
his brother my son William five 

Item I doe give further unto 
my beloved son William forty 
pounds in debts and my beste 
suite of Clothes and my best hatt 

Item I doe give unto my be- 
loved son John fifty pounds and 
my next suite of Clothes and my 
brasse muskett and my Rapier and 
belt and two mares and two Colts. 

Item I doe give unto my be- 
loved son Elemuell fifty pounds 
and two mares and two Coults. 

Item I doe give unto my be- 
loved daughter Sarah Matthews 
five pounds. 

Item I doe give unto my be- 
loved daughter Elizabeth Barnes 
five pound. 

Item I doe give unto my be- 
loved daughter Mary Sturgis forty 

Item I doe give unto my be- 
loved daughter Marcye fifty 

Item. I doe give unto my be- 
loved sister Brookes thirty pounds 
that is mine in Verginia that is 
due to mee from Brother Brookes 
deceased likewise it is my mind 
and Will that my sister Brookes 
shall have livelyhood amongst my 
Children soe Longe as she Con- 
tinues a widdow. 

Item I make my beloved son 
Elisha my sole executor of this 
my last Will and Testament. 

Alsoe I doe heer by substitute 
and appoint my beloved friends 
Mr. Thomas Thornton Mr. Edmond 
howes [HawesJ and Richard Tay- 
lor, tayler, the overseers of this 
my last Will and Testament. 

And whereas Blanche my Wife 
hath dealt falcly with mee in the 
Covenant of Marriage in departing 
from mee, therefore I doe in this 
my Last Will and Testament give 
her twelve pence, and alsoe what 
I have Received of hers my will 
is shal be Returned to her againe. 

And heerunto I have sett my 
hand and seale this 30th of June 

i670. In the presence of these 

William hedge 
And a seale 
Matthew Fuller 
John Gray. 
John Davis. 


(a) The name is also written 
Edge in the ancient records. As 
early as 1648 there was a William 
Hedges of Taunton. (2 Plym. Col. 
Reos. 135.) 

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(fl) The dates and places of 
birth are mostly unknown. The 
order of births is similarly un- 
known, except that the order of 
the sons and daughters among 
themselves respectively is as 
given in the will and is probably 

(g) The late Wm. P. Davis, 
town clerk of Yarmouth, an 
authority on town history. 

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